Simple Steps To Install Live TV Apps On Firestick For Free

Watching our favorite channel isn’t as expensive as before anymore; we have smart TVs for watching our favorite shows. With the help of Firestick, you can even turn your analog, Non-smart TV into a smart TV! It’s now legit to say, spend a few bucks, and the world is yours! 

With hundreds of live tv apps on Firestick, you can hook up thousands of TV channels around the world. That traditional flat screen with an HDMI port in its back can bring you the world of TVs with the Firestick. 

What is FireStick?

In a nutshell, Firestick is a TV device from Amazon which turns your regular TV into a smart TV. Like the Roku streaming stick, it lets you watch your favorite channels over the internet with TV apps that you can install on the Firestick. Firestick comes with a USB flash drive and a smart remote controller. 


You will hook up the USB in the back of your regular TV, and it becomes a smart TV. You have to install apps for live tv of your choice in the Firestick and start streaming online. If you’re an amazon prime or twitch guy, It’s a plug and play because the Firestick is preloaded with prime and twitch.

Best Live TV Apps For Firestick

Deciding the best live tv app depends mostly on your perspective and the things you want to watch. Some apps are specially targeted for watching movies and TV shows. Popcorn Time, Cinema APK, CatMouse, Typhoon TV, Titanium TV, BeeTV are the best example of the best free live tv app

If you are Ok with paid services with high-quality watching experience, sure you have apps like Netflix, Plex. If you are more in search of versatile watching options, BBC iPlayer, Kodi, Mobdro, Live NetTV, Hulu TV are the best to go with. They offer every kind of option from movies to sports and so on. 

How To Get Live TV On Firestick

Getting the best live tv apk for Firestick comes with some easy steps once you’ve hooked up the Firestick on your TV. All you have to do is, get to the search bar and find the app of your choice. After that, hit the install button at the bottom. Or, you can type in the official website of the live TV you like and install their app following their instruction. You can also go to the play store and get the apps for live TV in no time. 

I’ll talk about the manual installation process in detail in a minute. 

How Do I Watch Live TV On Firestick?

Once you’ve got your free live tv apps for Firestick in the search box, you can install the app instantly. After installation, Go to the home screen, and you can find the downloaded app from the recent apps. If you don’t see it in the recent option, go to the full list of installed apps and find it there. Launch the app and start watching your favorite show on the channel you love. 

How Do I Install Live TV Apps On Firestick?

Follow the below process with some simple steps to install live TV apps on your Firestick for free:

  • Take the remote controller that came with the Firestick, and navigate to the settings option and hit Ok.
  • Now keep pressing the right button and navigate to the menu where it says, “My Fire TV,” and click Ok.
  • Under this menu, click on the Developer Options, and you will get two options; ADB Debugging and Unknown Sources. Those options should be enabled for the next steps.
  • Now come back to your home screen by pressing the Home button on your remote controller.
  • Navigate to the search box and type in the app name you want to download, and it will come to the search result page.
  • Navigate and you will see the result that you are looking for and click on install to start the installation. 

Frequently Asked Questions

✔ Can you watch live tv on amazon fire stick?

Yes, you can install the best free live tv app and watch multiple live TVs from any country you want.

✔ Can you watch live TV on Firestick for free?

Yes, it’s possible to watch live TV on your Firestick; make sure you have the right app.

✔ Is there a monthly fee for Firestick?

There is no monthly fee for the Firestick itself; monthly fees can be there if you have monthly subscriptions like Netflix. 

✔ Can you watch local channels on Firestick?

Yes, Local channels like ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, and the other popular once are available in Firestick.

✔ What channels are free on Firestick?

The Firestick itself comes with a one-time purchase, and the channels that require subscription aren’t free as they are supposed to be.

Final Remarks

The TV you have from years back has no access to the internet. Firestick comes to you as a value for money at this point. You can purchase it for a one-time payment, and that old TV turns into a smart TV. You don’t have to pay the cable bill every month anymore. All you need is to get some live tv apps on Firestick, and you can start watching your favorite movies or shows.

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