How To Get Install YouTube Tv on Amazon Firestick

Having TV at your home is not a big deal. But, if you want to watch TV on YouTube, then it is a bit surprising or a dream goal one can think of. Amazon firestick introduced YouTube tv to make the dream a reality. Nowadays, you can get YouTube Tv on Firestick anytime you want. 

What is YouTube TV?

YouTube TV is Google’s live streaming product that broadcasts some major channels, including ABC, NBC, CBS, and FOX Channel, with a minimum cost. Though it was launched in April 2017, from 2019, it will expand the area overall in America.


What Channels are on YouTube TV?

Almost seventy channels are included on YouTube TV on Firestick. These channels vary from region, city, area, etc. On the first channel, broadcasting was restricted in some areas. But now you can see almost every news, weather, sports, food, geography and all kinds of entertainment channels on YouTube TV anywhere around America.

How Much is YouTube TV?

When the fire stick tv YouTube started streaming in April 2017, the service cost was $40 per month. After getting popular among the users, now, the service cost is $50 per month. Those who are the Apple users need to pay a little extra like $55 per month.  

How to get YouTube tv on Firestick

Now you have acknowledged about the YouTube tv; I am sure you are excited to get YouTube tv on Firestick. A simple note for that, as this YouTube tv is completely new and has lots of restrictions, so you need to use VPN to continue the service. There are some categories of VPN services. Among them, Express will help you to see YouTube tv smoothly. Nowadays, they offer at a very reasonable price. Before watching YouTube tv install the express VPN first on your device.

How to Install YouTube TV on FireStick

To play YouTube on tv, you can follow the instructions and install it on your own. Make sure you have WIFI connection and Firestick installed on your device. So, let’s get started with the installation process. 

Go to the firestick homepage and click on the Settings option. To select the option, you need to use the remote. After selecting the settings option, you will see some of the options will pop out on your screen. Among them, choose the “My Fire Tv” Option. There will come another pop-up window, where you need to choose the “Developer Options.”

Select the Developer Options, and you will see two options. One is ADB Debugging; another one is Apps from Unknown source. Select the Apps from Unknown Source, and you will see the “Turn On” options on your TV Screen. Click the Turn on Option to continue the process.

Now go to the firestick homepage again and click on the search button. Now, on the search bar, type Silk Browser. Next, you will see the browser with a download option and download it. After downloading the browser, install it, and then open it. Write the URL address on the browser You will get a page to sign in with your ID. If you have any account, log in with that. And you are ready to use YouTube on amazon fire stick.

Setting Up the YouTube TV on Firestick/Fire TV

Before installing an apk file for YouTube tv on Firestick, you need to adjust the settings. After approving the apps from unknown sources options go to the fire stick home. Write the URL address for the apk file and download it. After completion of the download, install it and click the ok button. And here you are ready to use the amazon fire tv YouTube on Firestick. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Is YouTube TV coming to FireStick?

Answer- Yes, now YouTube tv is available on amazon fire stick with lots of features. 

Can I watch YouTube tv on Firestick?

Answer- Of course, you can watch YouTube tv on Firestick with a minimum cost without any cable. 

Can you stream YouTube tv on Firestick?

Answer- Yes, from 2019, the YouTube tv can stream almost 70 up channels on Firestick. They have no restrictions at all.

Final Remarks

A few years back, if someone told me that they could see tv on YouTube, probably I would laugh a lot. But these days you can easily get YouTube tv on Firestick. And the best part of watching tv on YouTube is, you can see any preferable channel at a very low cost. Also, you don’t have to connect any cable for that. A WIFI connection, few adjustments on the device, some apps to install, and voila you are ready to see amazon fire tv YouTube. So, let’s not wait and enjoy watching tv on YouTube.   

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